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Class Descriptions


  • Ballet is not only the foundation for all other dance forms, it is the most disciplined, challenging yet most rewarding class we offer. Dancers are taught proper body alignment, muscle memory, balance, grace, and flexibility. All Ballet classes include traditional barre, center floor work and focuses on building strong technique. This class is highly recommended for every dancer.


  • This class is preparation for students seeking to study Pointe. Emphasis will be placed on strengthening the core, developing center of balance, and reinforcing correct foot and ankle positioning to a safe and successful transition to pointe work. This class MUST be taken in conjunction with a standard ballet class. Students may not advance to Pointe without instructor approval.


  • Pointe is the part of classical Ballet in which the dancer supports their entire body weight on the tops of fully extended feet. Students are introduced to work in pointe shoes. Barre, center and traveling exercises will challenge the dancer while working on strengthening the core and center balance. This class is for advance Ballet dancers only. Dancers entering this class must have mastered pre-pointe and received approval from instructor.


  • Jazz is an up-tempo and ever evolving style of dance. It’s expressive, energetic, fun, and full of rhythm. An emphasis is placed on strength, flexibility, and conditioning as well as increasing memory and stamina for progressively complex and high energy combinations. We recommend that jazz classes be taken in conjunction with ballet class.


  • Tap is a classic form of dance characterized by the sound of the metal tap striking the floor. This style of dance not only involves how one looks while dancing but also how one sounds. Tap utilizes rhythm, syncopation, and sound in addition to movement. An emphasis is placed on musicality, expression, and improvisation. Dancers will learn coordination of the feet, basic tap skills, terminology, and an understanding of rhythms.

Hip Hop

  • Hip Hop is a very popular, fast paced, and energetic style of dance that has evolved over the years from Hip Hop culture and its music. This class will get your heart pumping as dancers learn some of the latest dance moves as seen in today’s music videos and emphasis is placed on rhythm, isolations, and self-expression.

Musical Theatre

  • This Class utilizes foundational elements of jazz, ballet, and tap to develop the dancer’s ability to portray characters through music and movement. Using music from popular Broadway and Film musicals, emphasis will be placed on facial expression, performance, and nuances in musicality and movement that enhance theatrical dance. This is the perfect class for students who are interested in performing in school and community theatre.


  • Contemporary dance is a fusion of ballet, jazz and modern. Although it uses techniques from these three genres, it also allows a level of improvisation and interpretation. This class focuses on fluidity of movement, floor work, directional and rhythmic changes, and control.


  • Lyrical dance is an offshoot of jazz and was and was initially known as “lyrical jazz” for that reason. This style combines the fluidity of jazz with the disciplined technique of ballet. This class teaches the importance of storytelling and connecting to the music as well as the audience. This class MUST be taken alongside ballet. Therefore, students wanting to enroll in this class must also enroll in ballet.


  • This class is all about building strength, flexibility, balance, conditioning the body, proper technique, creating a strong mindset and discipline. Students will focus on acrobatic and tumbling moves to increase their technique not only on an individual level but also for partnering work and group dances. This class is recommended for dancers wanting to take their skills to the next level and/or students pursuing the realm of cheer dance.


  • Modern is a concert dance form that developed from ballet and utilizes a special technique for developing the use of the entire body in movements expressive of abstract ideas. In this class students will focus on contractions, spirals, basic floor work, and elemental concepts of space, time and force and build core strength and flexibility. This class is by recommendation only.

Leaps & Turns

  • This class focuses on developing the strength, power, flexibility, and technique necessary for more advance leaps and turns. An emphasis will be placed on proper body alignment, spotting, core work, turn out, and balance. Students will be taught various leap and turn combinations that will make them stronger and enhance their dance repertoire.

Creative Movement

  • Creative Movement is a joyous way for young dancers to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, spark imagination and bolster creativity. This class uses a wide variety of age-appropriate music, props, and balancing techniques to help students develop coordination and self-expression. Students will learn the importance of taking turns, teamwork, listening and social skills in fun, nurturing and safe environment.

Combo Classes (ballet/jazz - ballet/tap)

  • These fun-filled classes are designed to introduce students to ballet & tap or ballet & jazz with an age-appropriate method of instruction. These classes foster gross motor development, listening skills, coordination, and balance. Students will learn the beginner steps of each style selected. Basic terminology is also taught for each style of dance.

  • Dancers will work on musicality, choreography and share their love of music and dance in a fun and nurturing environment.

**Master Classes

  • Our Master Series of classes are NOT scheduled classes, but bonus classes taught in a variety of dance styles by some of the best choreographers and teachers in the industry. These pop-up classes are offered based on the availability of the instructors and are open to the public. These are amazing classes that provide dancers the opportunity to learn from guest choreographers and teachers from around the world. To stay informed of when we will be offering a Master Class, follow us on social media.

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